Marge – Certified Ganjier, podcast host, edibles enthusiast, cultivator, connoisseur.

I’ve been using cannabis off and on for most of my adult life. It wasn’t until my late thirties did I start to get serious. It started with small scale cultivation which led to experimenting with edibles. What most people didn’t know is that I was battling a griping addiction and edibles were a key tool that I used to get off drugs. Since then, I started a podcast called Bite Me The Show About Edibles to help cooks to make great edibles at home. Later I joined the panel at the High On Homegrown podcast, helping home cultivators around the world. I worked as a budtender in the first legal shop in my city to learn all I could about the Canadian legal weed landscape. From there I realized that I wanted to deepen my knowledge on all aspects of the cannabis plant and I discovered the Ganjier Cannabis Sommelier Certification program. As a student of the first cohort of the program, I studied for most of 2021 which culminated in a pilgrimage to Humbolt California to do the in-person training and final exam with the some of the most respected experts in the cannabis industry. As a Certified Ganjier I hope to bring my expertise and professionalism to the rapidly changing and maturing cannabis industry.

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