Hi, I’m Marge, Certified Ganjier.

What Is A Ganjier?

In the tradition of the wine sommelier, cigar aficionado, or master chocolatier, Ganjier is a first-of-its-kind, rigorous, multi-tiered cannabis sommelier certification created and taught by the most respected names in the field with the intent of producing an entirely new class of cannabis professional—the Ganjier.

The Ganjier is a certified “Master of Cannabis Service” whose multidisciplinary knowledge and astute professionalism serve to raise the standard of excellence throughout the cannabis industry. This rigorous, advanced, online training features all 18 members of the Ganjier Council.  From there students embark on the journey to Humbolt California to complete their in-person training and final, multi-faceted exam.

How can a Ganjier help you?  A Certified Ganjier examines cannabis flower and concentrates with a standardized Systematic Assessment Protocol (SAP) to deliver a score out of 100, pulled from 4 numerically rated sections of assessment: Appearance, Aroma, Flavour and Experience.  Assessments can be unrated by assessing only Appearance, Aroma and Flavour categories (each category will have a score) and leaving out the more time consuming Experience section.  Expect a full assessment to take over 3 hours with the partial assessment to take approximately 30 minutes.


The Appearance assessment begins with a thorough visual inspection of the sample using a high quality 10x jeweler’s loupe.


Grading the aroma is grading the terpenes. The SAP will help you unlock the puzzle of terpenes that sits behind each flower and concentrate. . 


The Flavor assessment assists the Ganjier to distill the essence of the gustatory experience.


The SAP unravels the complexities of the physical and mental effects of cannabis. Specifically, The Ganjier is trained to determine how each cannabis product provides a unique experience.

Full Systematic Assessment $250
Full rated assessment using the Certified Ganjier SAP, including experience, 3+ hours.
Partial Assessment $75
Leaves out the Experience section to deliver a rating based on Appearance, Aroma and Flavour only, 30-45 minutes.

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